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About Bondax (Relentless Records | UK)

來自英國的BONDAX是由Adam Kaye和George Townsend兩位音樂人組成的雙人團體,最初透過BBC的介紹啟發了他們的興趣,之後DJ Annie Mac和Nick Grimshaw等便在BBC Radio 1上播放了他們的音樂作品~ 這個來自蘭卡斯特的組合在2011年和2012年期間嘗試了多種不同的音樂風格,除了發行 “Just Smile for Me” 和 “Baby I Got That” 等多張膾炙人口的暢銷熱曲之外,更在2012年創辦了他們自己的品牌Justus Records,發行的第一首單曲便是與Karma Kid合作的 ”It's Always”。

然而在2013年由於在保加利亞的巡演中遺失了裝著他們所有最新創作的電腦,所以他們在這一年並沒有發行新的作品。在這次巨大的損失之後,他們很快就重拾靈感,創作了幾首新歌,其中就包括在2014年發行一首熱門單曲 ”All I See”,還邀請來了英國女伶Tanya Lacey擔當主唱!包括了FKJ、Darius、Snakehips、Jay Prince、Justin Martin、TCTS等也都有替他們的音樂製作混音版本。9月28日,這組年輕的英國DJ將由U Dance Society獨家引進台北,我們將帶給所有UDS的粉絲最前衛的英式浩室之聲!

British duo Bondax, consisting of musicians Adam Kaye and George Townsend, initially attracted interest through BBC Introducing, a system of discovering undiscovered and unsigned music, which eventually got them airtime on BBC Radio 1 from DJs Annie Mac and Nick Grimshaw. The pair, hailing from Lancaster, Lancashire, released a steady flow of tracks between 2011 and 2012, including “Just Smile for Me” and Baby I Got That,” which blurred lines between musical genres. Additionally in 2012, the group started their own Justus Records, with Karma Kid’s “It’s Always” as the first release. Production came to a halt in 2013 when the duo lost a laptop containing new material while they were on tour in Bulgaria. Following the loss, they managed to write new tracks including their biggest hit to date, “All I See.” The single was released in 2014, and included the vocals of British vocalist Tanya Lacey. For their live performances the twosome evolved into a band, recruiting a drummer and playing at the U.K. summer festivals Reading and Leeds and Latitude. ~ James Pearce, Rovi

U Dance Society
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濕地VENUE / 台北市中山區林森北路107巷10號B1

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Ticket Type Sale Period Price

2017/08/26 00:00(+0800) ~ 2017/09/11 00:00(+0800) End of Sale
  • TWD$850

2017/08/26 00:00(+0800) ~ 2017/09/27 00:00(+0800) End of Sale
  • TWD$1,000
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